terça-feira, novembro 18

Mais uma achega para o debate do antisemitismo
A última edição da revista judaica Tikkun publica um extenso artigo assinado por Miriam Greenspan intitulado "The New Anti-Semitism", uma perspectiva de esquerda que vale bem a pena ler.
Aqui vai um pequeno excerto:
"Renouncing hatred, in all its forms, is the only thing that will save us—Israeli, Palestinian, Tutsi, Hutu, Croat, Serb, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Kurd, man, woman, and child. Are Palestinians "justified" in nursing their rage at Occupation until it becomes a deadly hatred of Jews? Are Jews "justified" in turning their fear of annihilation and their anger at Arab terrorism into a blind and spiteful Occupation? Where will this get us? Will it bring back the dead on both sides? Will Arab mothers be able to lift their children in their arms in a free society rather than send them to their deaths in order to take down another Jew? Will Jewish mothers be able to put their children on a bus without fear that they will never see them again except, if they are lucky, at the morgue? Will hatred bring about two states in Israel and Palestine? Will it bring justice? Will it bring peace? Will it do anything at all except spill more innocent blood and poison the soul of the hater? To paraphrase a forgotten 1960's anti-war song: When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?"