sexta-feira, julho 2

Marlon Brando (1924-2004)

“I attended the New School for Social Research for only a year, but what a year it was. The school and New York itself had become a sanctuary for hundreds of extraordinary European Jews who had fled Germany and other countries before and during World War II, and they were enriching the city's intellectual life with an intensity that has probably never been equaled anywhere during a comparable period of time. I was raised largely by these Jews. I lived in a world of Jews. They were my teachers; they were my employers. They were my friends. They introduced me to a world of books and ideas that I didn't know existed...”

in Songs My Mother Taught Me (autobiografia), Marlon Brando , p. 72

Larry King: This Yiddish thing, you got a lot of that in New York, right? You're part Jewish.

Marlon Brando: I... well, technically I'm not a Jew but culturally I am. I spent ten years in New York and that was when New York was New York. The Daily Forward… and Stella very kindly invited me into her home and all of my employers, my teachers, I went to the New School of Social Research which is an extraordinary institution of learning.

Larry King: Still there.

Marlon Brando: And it was at a time when all the people were coming out of this extraordinary academia of Germany, like Hannah Arendt… the list is endless.

Fragmento da última entrevista televisiva de Marlon Brando, conduzida por Larry King, gravada na CNN em 1994. A transcrição integral pode ser lida aqui: CNN.com - Transcripts.